What inspired you to take AFIE’s training program?

  • I was inspired to take AFIEs course after being put In touch by a business manager in the industry, I met with many business managers to get feedback on the roll and found out AFIE is leading the industry in placing business managers so it was a no Brainer

What fundamentals of training through AFIE have helped you currently after placement succeed in your current role?

  • All of AFIE’s fundamentals gave me the tools to succeed as a new finance manager. I had found especially that the word tracks instilled in AFIEs training have proven to be the most valuable part of their training for me 


How did you feel the AFIE program differed from others and Why did you choose them?

  • From the research I did with business managers before starting the programme I had already come to the conclusion this is really the only programme to take. The competitor programmes do not provide such an all-around service, hands-on in dealer training or in truth expertise of AFIE

What was your experience during your placement through AFIE and Why did you feel they could support you during this transition rather than going on your own?

  • AFIE supported me through mostly all of my deals to gradually less and less, even now I can pick the phone up and they can help me with something I’m unsure of. They provided me everything from insuring the dealer was protected to word tracks for particular customer profiles that consistently lead to myself excelling, their expertise proved invaluable 


What advice would you give others looking to take this program and begin a career in F&I?

  • My advice people taking the programme from the car industry or not, would be to listen to the guys at AFIE when they speak. Their information is invaluable and has proven to be effective time and time again through my own experience in the field. I would also say to check check and check, If your unsure check again. I can count multiple times AFIE had saved me making silly mistakes simply by me picking the phone up and just making sure! They truly are experts to learn from 
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