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The foundation of our Company’s Training Programs is to offer training, which develops top producing Finance Managers, who focus on both performance and customer service. AFIE is the only company in our marketplace, which trains for the specific position of Dealership Finance Manager suitable for Automotive, RV, Marine and Leisure stores, and offers placement opportunities following to successful trainees. Finance Manager training begins with turning on the computer to delivering the unit. Training is adaptable to any Dealership situation or is offered in a classroom setting. All candidates go through a vigorous program and are supported by our senior team of professionals. These experts have extensive knowledge about what is happening in the automotive Industry today and the legal requirements. Our training is suitable for people wishing to learn a new job, launch a new career, or is appropriate for seasoned professionals seeking to improve upon performance.

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This is a full week intensive course that reviews the fundamental requirements to becoming a “Dealership Financial Service Manager.” Focus is placed on the essential skills required for this position within dealerships selling Automotive, RV, Marine and Leisure products. Registrants will learn how to interact appropriately and effectively with customers and what is required by dealerships and manufactures in the marketplace today. A “back to basics” approach is utilized, which ensures that successful Candidates acquire the tools necessary for becoming a top-level VSA Certified Financial Services Manager, who will exceed customer service expectations. Successful registrants who complete AFIE’s progressive training program may move on and be extended access to AFIE’s relief / and placement opportunities with the dealers we work with. AFIE is proud to have placed over three hundred (300) AFIE trained finance manager’s across the Lower Mainland, as well as trained new finance managers in Alberta and Toronto. “our programs work”

Course Content:

  • Review the A to Z’s of Finance Office operations and expectations
  • Objection handling with current core products in the Industry
  • Credit Application handling, getting the real picture for an APPROVAL
  • The Winning Attitude
  • Legalities and paperwork handling
  • The Process, deliver 100% of products, 100% of the time, to 100% of clients
  • Finance Office Product Presentation Process
  • Introduction to the “Menu” presentation approach
  • Incorporate into your style
  • Role playing top to bottom
  • Personality traits (what personality are you)


AFIE Fundamentals (One Day – 6 Hours) April 10, 2018 – 10 AM – 4 PM TRAINER JENNIFER STURGEON

This one day AFIE training course fine tunes new/and existing dealership finance manger’s skills learned during AFIE’s five day progressive training program. Finance manger’s will build on their foundation – improving their objection handling, product presentation, menu approval process, and increase performance levels. AFIE Fundamentals will support finance managers to reach the next level of knowledge and understanding of the finance office, to achieve the top levels of performance and customer service in their position

  • Advanced objection handling
  • Customized product presentation
  • Menu Approvals / Increased Performance Results
  • Develop finance office process, setting non-negotiable s to maximize results


Professional Certified Sales Associate (Five Day – 32.5 Hours)

This is an interactive Course that teaches skills for becoming a “Professional Dealership Sales Associate” in Dealerships selling Automotive, Marine, RV, and Leisure.

A step-by-step sales approach, which underlines the importance of achieving a balance between an individual’s performance and customer service satisfaction, as demanded by all Dealerships and manufacturers Manufacturers in the Industry today. Using AFIE’s step-by-step method of teaching, individuals acquire knowledge pertinent to current sales procedures. Such knowledge includes utilizing Dealer Management Systems that cover customer follow-up and retention. The expectations and rules of the governing bodies for operating Dealerships are explained in depth and include formal legal regulations and ethical requirements. Students will be exposed to “real life situations,” which encourages the development of professionals who are ready to take their place in today’s marketplace as VSA Certified Sales Associates.


Mastering Sub-prime Financing (One Day – 6.5 Hours)

This two day Course focuses on the non-traditional difference of Sub-prime Financing.  It offers an exceptional method for explaining financing options to customers, that assist them in making the right choices, and for achieving maximum results for the Dealership.

Replacement Insurance Excellence (Two Days – 13 Hours)

A one day Program for Insurance Brokers, Agents, and Finance Managers to learn how best to present the Replacement Insurance product to customers.  Learn exceptional procedures for obtaining customer service satisfaction, performance excellence, and top-level results for the Dealership.


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