Complete Finance Office Management Service . . . . .

AUTOMOTIVE F&I ELITE INC has the ability to assist Dealerships in every situation. Circumstances such as emergencies, short-term, long-term, direct employment and for any occasion.

Our relief coverage is offered by our Firm Provincially. AFIE’s Finance Managers are VSA Certified as well as being licensed through the Insurance Council of BC, if applicable. Our Finance Managers are knowledgeable and proficient with various computer programs and dealer management systems. All Finance Managers, who are placed by us, will be well supported by the Senior Finance Office Team in our Organization.

In Dealership Finance Office Process Training . . . . .

Time and staff are maximized! AUTOMOTIVE F&I ELITE INC can assist Dealerships, selling Automotive, RV, Marine and Leisure. AFIE will provide trained, professional Finance Managers, and will be responsible for all Finance Office functions and production.

A comprehensive package is available, which includes installing an innovative Finance Office Process. Our procedures are designed to maximize profit, exceed customer expectations, and increase sales volume. Tiered packages are designed for each Dealership and we will train existing Finance Office staff AFIE’S unique approach.

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