The Peter Legge International Institute for Sales Excellence venue, at Douglas College, is the right destination for an education that includes sales information, research and top-level training.  It is the trusted source of best practices and innovative ideas in sales, and the venue is created to respond to the Automotive Industry’s need for well-trained professionals, and students’ need for a specific and relevant education that will make them strong competitors in the Marketplace today.  AFIE is excited that its unique training programs, for becoming Certified Finance Managers andCertified Sales Associates,” are now being offered through this avenue at the College.  AFIE is confident that its one of a kind approach to training, and the material covered in the courses, will well prepare individuals to work in the Industry selling Automotive, RV, Marine and Leisure.

TO REGISTER VISIT DOUGLAS COLLEGE: Phone 604 561-5864 / 778 987-8878

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