What inspired you to take AFIE’s training program?

  • I have been working in dealerships for a few years now and love the work environment. It’s a business that is always expanding and consistently challenging. I started out in the service department but slowing inched my way into sales. This is when I discovered the roll of the finance managers and wanted in. It’s a position in the dealership where you need to have drive and the need to learn and expand your knowledge.  I understood the importance of the finance office and the role it plays in the dealership. I needed to give myself the best chance of success. I did some research and with help from a colleague AFIE was my only choice. 

What fundamentals of training through AFIE have helped you currently during placement succeed in your current role?

  •  AFIE gives you the road map from the moment the customer walks into the office to the moment they drive away a happy customer. You get the frame work of how to talk to customers and help guide them to make the right decisions for their needs. They help mold your conversation style to put customers at ease but also allow you to still be yourself. They give you outlines not scripts. One of the major fundamentals AFIE has instilled is menu presentation because no two customers are the same.  Showing a customer you are listening is a major key in gaining their trust

How did you feel the AFIE program differed from others and Why did you choose them?

  • Most programs I found were not based here in B.C. and did not have in class training. I was looking for a program that would help me achieve my goals and AFIE seemed like the only one who could get me there. I knew the instructors also had worked as FI managers for quite a few years I wanted to get all the hands on knowledge possible. I also had a colleague who had worked with them in the past and gave them a fantastic review. She wasn’t wrong.

What was your experience during your placement through AFIE and Why did you feel they could support you during this transition rather than going on your own?

  • It was seamless. Before interviews I had chats with Jennifer to ensure I was as prepared as I could be. They would also call after to check up on me and see how it went always being encouraging. I felt like in the class setting it was pretty obvious they wanted you to succeed. Why wouldn’t I want a team like that behind me? They are still here for me making sure I am the best I can be.

What advice would you give others looking to take this program and begin a career in F&I?

  • Just do it! Invest in yourself and your future. Take notes and get to know the people in your class. Most importantly relax and have fun you are in good hands.
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