What inspired you to take AFIE’s training program?

  • An old colleague of mine who took AFIE and became a very successful F&I manager recommended me to get into F&I because it is a rewarding career path so she recommended me to get into AFIE and I am so glad I did!


What fundamentals of training through AFIE have helped you currently after placement succeed in your current role?

  • ALWAYS cross your T’s and dot your I’s

How did you feel the AFIE program differed from others and Why did you choose them?

  • I’ve taken previous F&I programs before but what makes AFIE different is that they care even after you’ve taken the course. They are very hands on when it comes to finding the perfect dealer for you.

What was your experience during your placement through AFIE and Why did you feel they could support you during this transition rather than going on your own?

  • Jennifer, Juanita, and Sheldon are very good with what they do, they provide very helpful tips and guidance on how you can become even more successful in your role.


What advice would you give others looking to take this program and begin a career in F&I?

  • Be confident and trust the process, nothings comes easy but you have to work hard.Thank you so much Maggie and a reminder even as an employee keep in touch and if you need support at all we are always here for you.
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