What inspired you to take AFIE’s training program?

  • I was inspired to take AFIE’s program during my time in the automotive sales industry. I wanted to take my career to the next level and wanted to become an integral part of the finance department.

What fundamentals of training through AFIE have helped you currently after placement succeed in your current role?

  • The fundamentals that stay with me and help me everyday in my role in the F&I office consist of effective goal planning, progress tracking, individualized sales techniques and innovative solutions to obtain financing for customers.

How did you feel the AFIE program differed from others and Why did you choose them?

  • I chose AFIE because of their well known reputation and strong connections to the industry at all levels. AFIE was a clear choice for me because of the personal 1 on 1 coaching and placement opportunities provided by their all encompassing approach.

What was your experience during your placement through AFIE and Why did you feel they could support you during this transition rather than going on your own?

  • Throughout the placement portion of the AFIE program, I had consistent 1 on 1 time and planning with AFIE’s professional team. There were opportunities offered of all kinds from learning a new to me F&I computer operating system to working at a store as an intern finance manager. I knew that using the AFIE team would provide me an advantage and a “foot in the door” of a sought after and ultra competitive industry.

What advice would you give others looking to take this program and begin a career in F&I?

  • My advice to anyone looking to get into a career in F&I is to treat it as such. This is a long term career and is a very personal industry. Relationships matter and opportunities should be used to their fullest. Never turn down an offer to gain experience and exposure in the dealerships. If you are willing to trust the process and make the extra effort.. the reward of getting a job offer and securing a position in the F&I office is a life achievement that will serve you personally and financially for years to come. The skills learned through AFIE and your in dealership work experience can be taken anywhere.
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