AFIE is Proud to partner with major Financial and Educational Institutions

Automotive Training:

Introduction to our Partner . . . . . DOUGLAS COLLEGE


“Success in any field of endeavour relies on sales skills. After all, sales are the spark that fires the engine of all business. Without it, even the biggest company will shut down.”
– Peter Legge, O.B.C. – Distinguished business and community leader

The Peter Legge International Institute For Sales Excellence, at Douglas College, is the right destination for an education that includes sales information, research, and top level training.  As the trusted source of best practices and innovative ideas in sales, the venue is created to respond to the Automotive Industry’s need for well-trained professionals, and students’ need for a specific and relevant education that will make them strong competitors in the Marketplace.  AFIE’s training programs for “Certified Dealership Finance Managers” and “Certified Professional Sales Associates” provides individuals with a new and unique approach for becoming professional Finance Managers and Sales Associates, and are now offered through Douglas College.

Automotive Product Supplier:

Introduction to our Partner . . . . .  SAL/INDUSTRIAL ALLIANCE

Our Organization has joined forces with SAL/IA to expand and provide Dealerships with an exclusive finance office product. The ELITE / SAL  Program presents a variety of finance office products to ensure that people purchasing new and used vehicles, RVs, boats, etc. are protected against unforeseen events.

Introduction to our Partner . . . . .  THE AUTOMOTIVE RETAILER’S ASSOCIATION “ARA” – Driving Industry Excellence

As a member of the Automotive Retailer’s Association, AFIE takes pride in providing consumers with the best options for purchasing their vehicles. All dealership ARA members enjoy an exclusive program with AFIE, allowing used automotive dealers the opportunity to provide their customers a superior purchasing experience, by VSA Certified Finance Managers. In addition providing ARA dealers access to a variety of lenders so they may extend these excellent opportunities to the consumer, allowing confidence and peace of mind with each purchase.

Financial Institutions:

–  Royal Bank
–  TD Bank
–  Scotiabank
–  BMO

–  Navigate Financial Corp.
–  Envision Financial