About Us



Company was founded and incorporated in October 2008

Jodi Blight and Juanita Angeles of this unique Company, which serves dealerships in the automotive industry [Automotive, Recreational, Marine, and Leisure]. Collectively these  experts bring to their business over 50 years of experience in operational and management levels, in all areas within dealerships. [Sales, Management, Finance Office, Marketing, Dealer Principal]

Company Vision

These passionate professionals had a vision to make an impact in the automotive industry. The foundation of the company plan was to incorporate training programs and system methods to develop top-producing finance managers and sales associates. The idea was to firstly launch training for the specific position of dealer finance manager, and in a timely manner progress to sales associate. As a result AFIE became the only organization in the industry to provide dealerships with access to finance office relief services, short term, long term,  and/or permanent placements of professionally trained VSA certified finance managers.

Expanded Services

AFIE expanded it’s services to include: Training and Placement of  VSA Certified Finance Managers, Mobile Satellite Finance Office Services  (Suitable for smaller dealerships on an as required basis) , and a Systems Review Program to streamline processes within dealerships to maximize profit and improve customer service. Most recently, AFIE unveiled its new “Professional Sales Associate Certification” training program, incorporating a first-rate interactive course. This step-by-step sales approach underlines the importance of achieving a balance between an individual sales associate’s performance, and customer service satisfaction for all manufactures in a variety of dealerships.

Continued Growth

AFIE has evolved into a proven entity in the automotive industry. It has been successful in creating a template process that is suitable in and for all manufacture’s and dealerships. Dealerships across the provinces of British Columbia, and Ontario,  have been retooled with its innovative programs and are now enjoying improved profits. AFIE has a keen understanding of what leads to success in the now strategically focused organizations which it assists ongoing. AFIE has found ways to address  industry common problems of providing access to finance office relief coverage, part time and full time staffing, and how to achieve more satisfying results in the main income source of dealerships in today’s marketplace. AFIE’s training programs have proven results! The company is pleased to report that since October 2008, from its pool of VSA certified financial service manager’s, many successful placements have been made for part-time, short term, and long term  full-time employment in dealerships throughout British Columbia and Ontario.

The Future Is Exciting

The future is exciting, and the possibilities are endless for AFIE!  The company’s vision is to reach further and to take advantage of opportunities in other marketplaces. There is no doubt that this enthusiastic organization will leave its mark forever on the landscape of the automotive industry.