Josh Lekiun

What inspired you to take AFIE’s training program?

  •  A desire to be mentally and professionally challenged. Business office jobs are coveted making them difficult to get. It’s one of those jobs where you need to hit the ground running as quickly as possible; because your actions directly affect the profitability of the business and your co-workers. AIFE equipped me with the tools to work day 1.

What fundamentals of training through AFIE have helped you currently after placement succeed in your current role?

  • All the fundamentals taught have been instrumental. The product menu presentation vs step selling is a cornerstone tool I use every day. 


How did you feel the AFIE program differed from others and Why did you choose them?

  • I researched different education options and I heard good things about AFIE. All the teachers were top-performing business office managers, so I was eager to soak up any wisdom they had to offer.


What was your experience during your placement through AFIE and Why did you feel they could support you during this transition rather than going on your own?

  •  I had a great experience during my AFIE placement. Jennifer and Juanita coached and mentored me throughout my placement. They helped me succeed during the early pandemic months, and I’ve just recently passed my 1 year anniversary.   


What advice would you give others looking to take this program and begin a career in F&I?

  • Like most things, what you get out is directly correlated to what you put in. So if you are serious about a future career in the Business Office, AIFE can be a transformative stepping stone in the right direction. 
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